Thursday, November 15, 2007

I just sold two new items !!

I sold two new items today in etsy !! I'm so happy ^^ They will be going to New York !!

This it's what I love about selling online I can send my creations that are a part of me to places I never been XD I used to sell my jewelry when I started , with eleven years old , to the summer tourists . I loved to think that something I created with my hands would be flying all over the world !!

Here are the lovely creations I sold today :D


Tom & Cher said...

Your pieces are beautiful! I love how intricate they are, The white one below is my favorite already, and I love the top one here, I think it is a ring?

Great work!

Tom & Cher said...

Ph yes, congratualtions on your sales! I can see why you're doing so well.


Lovelyart said...

Hola Diana, ya veo que as ido actualizando un poco mas.
Feliz 2008 !