Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Giveaway!

Hi ! Today I bring You a new giveaway ! You will win for Sure! Do You want to know how it works? It's super easy!
I giveaway 60 dolars to spend on my shop + Only to participate YOU get one of my patterns fo FREE!

To participate you only have to write a post on your blog or in a forum or group of jewelry in which you participate!


Write a post saying Why you like my patterns and put a link to my store patterns in esty!This link:https://www.etsy.com/shop/dicopebisuteria?section_id=6823192

Also add some photos of bracelets you've done with my patterns or any pictures of the bracelets I have in my store!
(Yes! You can borrowed them!!)

Then send me an email to dicopebisuteria@hotmail.com with the link to the blog post you've done or the post on the forum you have chosen (I'll check if everything is right!) And You tell me what pattern You want for Free; D

You also have to follow me in the newsletter!

You have time until december 14th!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Collections I design for my DicopeBisuteria brand!

Hello! I know you love to see the jewelry I create and are curious about how I sell it!  Today I bring you a post to show you my different collections of jewelry! Yay!
To organize my jewelry I like to sell in in collections ! It's easier for me but also for my clients!I have two signature collections where I only change the colors of the pieces,and from time to time introduce a few new designs!
Beadwork Jewels Collection (with delica and seed beads)


Sparkly Jewels Collection (with swarovski crystals)
and I also like to créate collections inspired by my travels ! I usually make a new one every year!
Golden Memories Collection
and You ?? Would you like to learn to créate your jewelry in collections? how do you design your jewelry?? Tell me in the comments!
Kisses ^^

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Contest !! Win Miyuki Delica Beads! + make a peyote bracelet!

Hello ! I have a Super Contest for You !
You can Win this Amazing set of beads valued in more than 80 dolars !
A set of 8 miyuki delica beads bags of 10grms , fireline thread , 8 metal clasps , twin beads , tila beads , drops , spikes , beaded beads , polymer clay beads ,  ...
To win You have to do what You like best ! Beading !!

1- Make a Peyote Bracelet with One of my Patterns !

It can be one of my Free Patterns or one of the patterns I have gifted You in the latest Newsletters ! And It can also be One of my patterns on sale in DicopeBisuteria Shop !
Remember that it can be a bracelet that You have already made but It Must be a bracelet made with one of my patterns !!!

2 - You have to promote the contest with a photo of the bracelet and post it in One of the following options  :
- Your blog
- Your flickr , Facebook or instagram
- a beads forum of your choice

3 - Super IMPORTANT !! Send me an email with the photo of your bracelet
 dicopebisuteria @ hotmail .com

It's very easy to Participate ! And  only to Participate You get Free Pattern of Your Choice from my Shop!

You have until August 31th to send me your photo!
Contest Policies and Recomendations !

- ONLY send One Bracelet for Person !
Remember that it can be a bracelet that You have already made but It Must be a bracelet made with one of my patterns !!!
- if you participated last year I recommend you to make a new bracelet! But if you don't have time you can use that one!
- The Winner will be Chosen by A Giveaway !
- it's NOT ALLOWED to use photos from other people !

- I recomend you to make a great detailed photo of your bracelet

- Your photos may be used in this blog , web or newsletter !

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Which type of peyote techniques are there??

Hello sweeties! Today I bring you a post about my favourite beading technique! Peyote!! Do you know there are different types of peyote and every one of them allows you to créate some amazing unique jewelry!
If you don't know how it Works here's a link with basic instructions
and some more info here!
Peyote 1x1
It is the most common, ideal for learning! Add the beads one at a time!
Peyote 2x2
Add two beads each time!
Peyote 3x3 (my favourite)
It's the kind of peyote that I love to use, you can go much faster and allows you to create beautiful patterns! You add three beads each time!
Circular Peyote to make beaded beads
Circular peyote it's used to cover beads and it's ideal because it can increase and decrease as you wish! You add one bead at a time!
Odd count Peyote
You can add beads one at a time , two , three... but the end count of beads it's odd (not even)Just like my original butterfly pattern that was odd count and I had to cut down one line of beads to make it easier to beadwork!
Uneven Peyote
I created this design with my own uneven chart of peyote that I made by adding one , two , three and even four beads at a time! I love it because it allows you to create different and original designs! You can make your own too!
As you can see there are many diferent jewels with peyote technique! If you would like to try some , you can buy my "for personal use patterns" in my etsy shop!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

DicopeBisuteria Peyote Patterns Giveaway !!

Hello ! I have a new Giveaway for You ! You can win one of the two  100 dollars giveaway to spend on in my dicopebisuteria etsy shop and buy patterns you want or in my dicopesupplies shop and buy beads !Plus just to participate You will get my new Paris pattern for FREE !!
To participate is super easy !
1- You just have to share this giveaway on social media like Facebook , twitter, flickr , your blog , fórums ... so all your friends that like patterns and beads can join too ! Plus for each time You share the giveaway You have more chances to win !!!
Use this link to promote the giveaway
Leave me a comment in this post to know you want to participate and also add the link where you shared this giveaway !
Remember that for each time You share the giveaway You have more chances to win !!! But there is a limit of 10 times for each day ! ;D
You can participate until June 2th !