Thursday, January 24, 2008

Not all it's made of beads !!

Because not everything it's made of beads in my life ! Here are a beautiful dress I made for class and a lovely neck made of gloves ! I love my design studies but they take a lot of my time and when I get home I cannot avoid refuge me in the thousands of beads I have in my room.

I shape it in the manikin all , without using pattern design .

Here I am modeling my dress ! What do you think ?

I think this dress could go nicely with this gorgeous necklace I made for a contest almost a year ago .

I'm thinking of making more pieces of this jewelry collection for my etsy shop , you can find the rest of the collection here

And here the neck made of gloves !! It reminds me the marine fond full of corals ^^


paru's_circle said...

thats really awesome!!!
neck full of gloves is a unique idea.. grat 4 today, its freezing here

Lovelyart said...

Muy chula la foto de el vestidito!

Crafty Ladies said...

Gracias! For stopping by my blog. The gray dress is BEAUTIFUL. Love it. Very elegant. Saludos desde NYC!

High Desert Diva said...

Your dress is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Both of these are so excellent! I love the shape of the wire necklace. The glove scarf is so creative and fun! Great job!

Anonymous said...
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