Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My morning fiction fix !!

Some people can't start the day without their morning coffee, I can't start mine without my fan fiction fix !! I don't mind if I'm late for college , I just keep reading !! It's crazy , I know , but I can't help it !! This days I only read about Sylar / Elle fics , from heroes . This couple had such a bad end that I refuse to belive what they filmed !

other pairings I love to read fics are :

Sydney / Sark from Alias

Irina / Jack from Alias

Veronica / Logan from Veronica Mars

Veronica / Lamb from Veronica Mars

Jack / Sam from Stargate

Buffy / Spike from BTVS

Kate / Swayer from Lost

Also I have to say that english it's not my mother language , it's catalan and spanish and reading fics keeps helping me to learn more and more . I also watch all my favorite shows in english ^^

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Espita Gorgorita said...

yo tambien me obligo a leer y a ver series en ingles para no olvidarlo!