Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Peyote Artists that I love

The Peyote technique can be used to make all sorts of diferent creations ! They make wonderful jewelry ! Here are some of my favorite Peyote Artists :

Spring Disc Necklace from dorothydomingo

Tropical Flower from enchantedbeads

Flower in Bloom Bead Box from CindysJewelryBox

Seven-Dot Hoops from tqbdesigns

Frilly Circus from miamiamia

Round Mauve Peyote Bead earrings from houseofcats6

Pink and Green Sunshine Ring from StickLizardDesigns

Going Green Bracelet from beadsforever

Rivoli Glamour Necklace from maneklady

Waves of Color Peyote Stitch Cuff from LoveliesFromMihana

New Mexico Skies Peyote Cuff from SandFibers

Peyote Beadwoven Cuff from time2cre8


Giftbearer said...

Beautiful work! I love the little berries made of seedbeads and your pink and purple bracelet is gorgeous too. I don't have alot of my beadweaving on Etsy now because it tends to sit there, but I do have a few things listed currently.

I have a line of Peyote stitch pieces called Rainstick Necklaces that are currently on Smashingdarling;

Enchanted Beads said...

What a beautiful Blog! Thank you for featuring my tropical Flower along with so many gorgeous pieces from other artists. I am humbled and flattered.


BeadsForever said...

I'm so honored to be included among such talented beadweavers. You picked such beautiful examples of peyote stitch. I think it's my favorite stitch. I keep coming back to it all the time!

Karen Gill said...

Great post! These are beautiful items, and these artists are some of my favorites too!!

Smadar's Treasure said...

Beautiful blog and such a nice way to present the versatility of peyote stitch!

Mayday said...

Wonderful blog and I am so incredibly honored to be included amongst such talented artists! Thank you so much!


Carol Dean said...

You have put a truly lovely and varied collection of peyote work on Etsy together and I'm honored to find one of my pieces here! Thank you ;) Gracias!

Waterrose said...

OH...I'm glad it's not a contest for the most beautiful...I would never be able to pick a favorite. WOW!

Erin Simonetti said...
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Erin Simonetti said...

Ooops...I didn't mean to delete my last post...I wrote how I love your selection of peyote style beadwork. I also enjoy Mihana's bead cuffs. Each one is wonderfully designed and her color matches are 'right on'.
Thanks for this show!

Anonymous said...
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