Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back to blog !

It's funny how life happends around you and yet I never feel like write it in my blog . It's always been hard for me to share my life , but I love to read about others ^^

These past months I been trying to get my strength back , I was so full of energy to invest in my etsy shop and my future and then one day it all went fly to the heavens ... It's not like I have stopped doing new items , but it certainly broke my plans . Thankfully this months have been surprisingly good in sales , not like they were a lot , but for doing barely nothing in my shops they were great !!!

Last week I moved my beading studio out of my bedroom and finally I feel liberated !! Seriously never make your bedroom into a studio! It will eat you !!

I'm starting again to have my strength and I feel ready for whatever comes ^^ Also I keep loking for a real job , but that's another story ...

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touch the sky said...

Absoulety fabulous, I like all tones of red and also chain colors ;)