Saturday, February 5, 2011

A sweet walk : my day off

This last weeks have been very stressing for me , I have several problems with shipping delays that caused me to rethink my strategies and goals . To forget about it for a while I took a day off . I visited one of my favorite bake products stores in Barcelona and discovered a new one that I just found the other day on the internet and I had to visit !!

For this super sweet walk by Barcelona you are gonna need to use the "metro" line 5 ( color blue  ) First stop " Sagrera "  to visit Manenas shop in  Garcilaso Street nº 26  find more info here :

This was my first time in this shop , they  were very sweet and have lots of products even being a small place.

Afterwards go back to the metro line 5 (blue) and travel 3 more stops until "Virrei Amat" then follow down Avinguda Borbón Street nº 35 to Mundodelareposteria shop

 And of course don't think I didn't buy anything !! 

In Manenas Shop I couldn't resist to buy cookie icing , usually I make my own but it's so much work XD

I also found this cute long sticks for cookies that I have seen on so many decorated cookie shops and webs

I couldn't resist to buy some valentine cookie cutters

and this cute silver pearl sprinkles

Of course in mundodelareposteria I had to buy something too ;P

I was happy to find this vanilla icing , they also had chesse cake yummy... but I decided to start buying just one to try first .

I was looking for some edible glitter and I got this gold one

You see before going out today I checked my valentine cupcake liners and saw I had to many and promised not to buy more ... so what do you think it happened when I saw this where the only ones left

yes bought them !! And then I found this super difficult to find cupcake liners that I didn't even like , but after seeing them in so many webs and hearing how much people loves them I just had to buy .

And since I already got the big ones and forgot completely about my promise I ended buying this too ;P

So yes I stressed out myself and emptied my purse ^^

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