Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Special

mmm Valentine it's such a good excuse to make some sweet things ^^

I had to make cookies to use my new cutters and the cookie icing that I bought a few weeks ago (previous post )

yummy ... closer shot

ooh and look at my terror writing cookies

jajajaaa so perfect for halloween

But doing  cookies was not enough , I have so many valentine cupcake linners that I must do cupcakes too ! With my mom's lemon cake recipe and vanilla frosting  

and what a best way to decorate a cupcake that with my sweet love cookies and some yummy vanilla frosting

look how cute they look  together , but in a smaller size they look  even better

yep ... so sweet and gorgeous

Anf for those who wonder how to do this cool striped cookies here's a small tuto

Spread the icing in your cookies

with a mall toothpick make horitzontal lines

use different colors and be fast before it dries !!

move your toothpick doing vertical lines to make the effect !!

Happy Valentine !!!

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