Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DiY Rhinestones in Your Shoes

Hello sweeties ! Today I want to share with You this lovely diy to put rhinestones in Your shoes !

I love comfortable shoes like "Clarks" shoes ! I bought this shoes in pink at the beginning of this summer and I love them so much that I had to get them in black too !! 

The problem with comfortable shoes is they are not as beautiful as other shoes ! 

That why I decided to put some Swarovski rhinestones 

for this DiY Tutorial you need :

shoes (obiously ;D)

swarovski rhinestones (If you buy a 100 beads bag in a wholesale shop it should be around 10-12 $)

textile glue (4-5$)

toothpicks and a piece of paper

some double side tape (optional)

You can start using the double side tape to set your rhinestones in your shoes and see what design you like best !

use textile glue and great quality rhinestones like swarovskis

to start setting your rhinestones DON'T use the glue directly into your shoes , put it in a paper and use a toothpick to place the glue in your shoes !

You can see how lovley they look now ! They are so elegant and trendy ! And I can wear them all day !

Also here I want to show You my latest necklace , a preview for next year collection !!

And this is me ;D

Did You like this Diy tutoria? Have You ever put rhinestones in Your clothes?

Leave me a comment !

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