Monday, September 16, 2013

How to store your jewelry + Diy Tupperware Jewelry Box

Many times we buy silver plated jewelry or even sterling jewelry that ends getting dark and dirty! Sometimes we even store our jewelry hanging on the wall or in a simple plate on the table and they end up ruined ! This is caused by oxidation due to moisture in our homes!

To make sure your silver jewelry stays shiny forever you need to store it in airtight container as a tupperware ! and for more protection in resealable bags !

I know what you are going to tell me ! Tupperwares are ugly and boring ! Here's an easy DiY Tutorial to change a boring tupperware in an original jewelry box !

You will need small tupperwares , washi tapes or deco tapes and lots of imagination !

decorate your tupperwares with vertical or horizontal lines

to decorate the tops You can use more washi tape or create a "cushion" with some fabric that I have decorated with a brooch 

And they are ready to store Your jewelry and never get ugly !!

did You like this tutorial ? did your silver jewelry ever got ugly ? how do you store your jewelry ?

Kisses ^^


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