Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How I started to make Jewelry

Hello sweeties ! Today I want to share with You how I started to make jewelry !

Since I was a little girl I always loved to paint and design outfits ! When I was eleven years old I asked for Christmas a jewelry kit and that is how this adventure started !

I found I loved beads looking at my mother beaded necklaces ! She innocently took me to the beads shops in Barcelona and from then I haven't stop collecting beads !

Just a few years later I started to sell my first creations to the summer tourists ! I loved selling to tourists ! I didn't understand their languages and they didn't understand our money currency ! They used to put all the money in their hands for me to pick the right coins!! LOL

But my real obsession started on 2005 Christmas when I was looking to make gift for my mother ! I made her some rings with swarovski crystals and soon all her friends at work ordered them !

Nowadays I can imagine my life without making new pieces of jewelry ! In all this years I have learned so much and my jewels have evolved with it ! You can see my evolution in my flickr photos !

Do you like to make your own jewelry ?? How did you start ?

Kisses ^^


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