Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Beads Gift sets for Christmas

Hello Sweeties ! Today I bring you this lovely guide to gift beads this Christmas ! This sets are perfect for begginers but also for more experienced beaders !

 A good set to start working with beads and make peyote bracelets should have fireline thread of 0,10mm , super small needles for beads and 3 or 4 bags of miyuki delica beads size 11/0 ! You can also add some of my patterns that You can find in my etsy shop dicopebisuteria !

Another great way to start with beads is a swarovski beads kit with several swarosvki bicone beads of 4mm and nylon thread of 0,25mm ! There are a lot of tutorials online to make all kinds of jewelry !

If what you would like is to learn to make your own beaded beads you will need a set with miyuki seed beads of size 11 or 15 , c-lon thread of similar colors , a super small needle for beads and wood balls ! You can find some free patterns here and here

If you don't know what to buy or if you don't have a specific technique or project in mind the best way to go is good quality beads like this lampwork beads or some gemstone beads !

And if you want to make your own beads , pendants , rings ... you can also try with a set of polymer clay and some cookie cutters !

I hope this gifts sets help you with your presents either to yourself or your friends and family that may like to try some new beads !

Have a nice day ^^


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