Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Which type of peyote techniques are there??

Hello sweeties! Today I bring you a post about my favourite beading technique! Peyote!! Do you know there are different types of peyote and every one of them allows you to créate some amazing unique jewelry!
If you don't know how it Works here's a link with basic instructions
and some more info here!
Peyote 1x1
It is the most common, ideal for learning! Add the beads one at a time!
Peyote 2x2
Add two beads each time!
Peyote 3x3 (my favourite)
It's the kind of peyote that I love to use, you can go much faster and allows you to create beautiful patterns! You add three beads each time!
Circular Peyote to make beaded beads
Circular peyote it's used to cover beads and it's ideal because it can increase and decrease as you wish! You add one bead at a time!
Odd count Peyote
You can add beads one at a time , two , three... but the end count of beads it's odd (not even)Just like my original butterfly pattern that was odd count and I had to cut down one line of beads to make it easier to beadwork!
Uneven Peyote
I created this design with my own uneven chart of peyote that I made by adding one , two , three and even four beads at a time! I love it because it allows you to create different and original designs! You can make your own too!
As you can see there are many diferent jewels with peyote technique! If you would like to try some , you can buy my "for personal use patterns" in my etsy shop!

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