Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A purpose for everything !

This days with the new sales I'm getting very exited !! I want to do more items and new products but the most important thing for me is planning my business and find my purpose ! It seems logic it's sell more !! Win money ! But it's not ! How are you going to do that ?! Where are you going to sell ?! After some years in this business I have learned a lot of things ! I'm still learning everyday ! And I'm going to share it with you !That's going to be my blog purpose ! And of course to promote myself !

But how you find your purpose for your business ? I learned that the best way to sell it's move your ass ! I don't really promote myself online to much and I don't have success in my online sales , but I do move around my city , thought I want to do much more !! You Always can do more ! I learned how difficult selling your products is ! And it's even worse in shops , some shops aren't even successful , some are just to new , so you have to guess , who's gonna want my products ? will they sell at all ? Who knows ? You can't expect to get rich in one only shop ! So don't be afraid ! Let your shiness at home and start searching more shops ! I will give you some tips on that soon . But about that purpose you first have to know what you want and how much time you are ready to spend on it ! Then you can find new and different ways to get it ! Or just one ! I prefer to diversificate ! It's harder but it's what I like better .

My purposes are :

* Have different kind of jewelry collections with different prices to get in more shops.

* Sell my products in more shops .

* Keep promoting myself with some samples (this really worked for me last week ;)

* Promote online and offline to get a real customers base .

* Start writing down everything I win and spend to know what I'm really doing with my business !

* Stop taking this as a hobbie when it's so clearly not one any more ! Sad but true !

Now that I have my purposes I have to use them daily !

Find yours and don't go blind in this world ! Take some time to think to be sucessful !!


Claudia Costa said...

M'agradat molt aquest post, i estic esperant el seguient he! que dius en el post que donaras ideas sobre botigues no?

tremenda miranda said...

Doncs a mi tb m'ha agradat molt! l'he trobat gràcies a la Clàudia... Em sóna al llibre "El secreto", l'has llegit?? Posaré en pràctica jo tb la meva pròpia llista!!

CMZ Art/ Rustic Goth said...

I love your outlook!! How very positive!!