Friday, August 8, 2008

How to use your purposes daily ! Starting to work !!

In the last post I told you about purposes and how important they are ! But how to use them daily ?!! Some people just have it in themselves , they are good at this , they can focuss and get what they want . But what you do when you are a disorganized person as I am ? when you get distracted easily and forget what you were supposed to do !

I tryed everything !

Do the work and get something new , like buing more supplies XD

Working with a Schedule

Counting the hours I really work

But nothing worked for me !! I really get distracted easily !! This last month when I was doing my practices at Rosa Clara I realised that I work very well when I'm not alone , when I depent on someone or someone depent on me ! But since I'm alone in this and I'm like my own boss , how to get thinks done ??

I decided to "use" my sister ! She is on this business too !!

she also sells in etsy , and we are searching for shops to sell together . So it's easy to set a timeline of when I have to have everything done . I also will be vey busy this autumn so I want to have all my new items for etsy ready before I start college again . We made a Schedule together with the things that be can do as a team and the items we need to do for our shops . We will meet twice a week to check if we are doing our work . So far it's working but I will tell you more about it .

But this dosen't mean it's gonna work for you !! You have to find your own way ! You have to think in what you do when you work in your craft and how you do it and you will find the key ! And don't stop trying until you find it !!

to be continued ... XD

Very soon you will find the continuation of this post on " How to use your purposes daily ! 2 "

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