Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How to store your beads !

I like to buy beads ! I really love beads ! But how do I store them all ?

I love to use this bead-store-books from craft mates ! they are very easy to use and secure !

even with four of those I still need to keep my beads stored in this boxes

for my swarovski crystals I use this small plastic boxes , I like to keep my swarovskis organized by color shades or finish (this one is for opal colors)

I also love to use some bigger boxes for my murano beads collection

and when I am about to start a new collection I like to put all beads together in this wood boxes ! It helps me design without forgeting anything !

and a last photo of my craft room with ... more boxes ;D

How do you store your beads ? Share your tips or ideas !!


Cherie said...

I love the bead book idea1 where are they available? I store mine in the Master Craft units that have the little drawers. I also have a bin where I keep the bigger tubes of the 8 and 6 beads and i have a box that I bought at walmart that has tiny little boxes - i keep the tiny beads that are left over in that box.

dicope said...

Hello Cherie ! so great ideas ! Thanks you !

I got this bead box books in


but I'm sure you can get them in other shops too !

kisses ^^