Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My favourite delica colors

Here are some of my favourite delica colors ! I have so many ! I love to buy them online even if sometimes I get a surprise with the color XD

My must have's are

DB0022 - DB0029 - DB0035


DB0010 - DB0166 - DB0210


DB0281 - DB0410 - DB0200

DB0281  DB0410 DB0200

I also use a lot ...

DB0040 - DB0608 - DB0007

DB0040  DB0608  DB0007

DB0411 - DB0729 - DB1747

DB0411  DB0729  DB1747
in Barcelona I buy delica beads in casa torres ( they also have a online shop) I like the variety of colors and if you buy 5 or 6 bags they make you a great discount !!

Casa Torres
Calle del Pi, 3
Barcelona (metro Liceu)

I also buy delica beads online in perles and bricolart , they have a lot of colors with great prices !

and to buy big quantities of delica beads I recommend foxdendesigns , even if shipping is quiet expensive ...

And you, what colors do you use most ?What are your favourite delica beads colors ??


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